Nature Safari

Skipnes Event offers an amazing safari experience in lovely Vesterålen.

The Vesterålen archipelago consists of hundreds of islands that form a fantastic skerry landscape. The terrain varies from craggy alpine mountains to gentle, green hillsides, deep valleys, white sand beaches and narrow fjords. Here you will encounter wild and wonderful nature with a wow-factor that will take your breath away.

Because of the warm and nutrient-rich ocean currents, Vesterålen is host to teeming bird life and a large variety of rare flora. Some of the most distinctive of these include the white-tailed sea eagle, long-tailed ducks, northern gannets, cormorants, puffins, auks, guillemots, herons, kittiwakes and swans. At the ocean we might also meet seals and different whale species.

Many of the species that you will be able to experience in Vesterålen are seasonal visitors. Quite a few of the animals and birds stay year-round, but migratory birds visit Vesterålen seasonally.

We have two boats. A Sargo 31 with a capacity of 12 pax, and a Hydrolift F26 with a capacity of 8 pax. The boats are equipped with dry suits, life jackets and fishing eqipments.